Dr Rudy Wagner outside the Flying Eye Hospital.

Dr Rudy Wagner invites you to join Team Orbis

This is Dr Rudy Wagner, Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School and long time Orbis Volunteer Faculty member. Dr Wagner has been part of Team Orbis since the early 1980s and he wants you to join too.

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It's getting even better and better over the years. And the reason I say that is because... don't forget… we started this stuff before there was the internet and other types of technology to get this information out there. Now I do a surgery that gets broadcast in 73 countries around the world, people were watching, tuned into to watch the surgery, how it's done, and you're teaching the same just like you would if they were sitting in the aircraft watching over your shoulder. So that's really rewarding and it's also a more effective. You feel like you're really using your volunteer time in a more worthwhile way, it's reaching more people.

Dr Rudy Wagner

Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology

Rudy Wagner outside eye hospital.

Dr Rudy Wagner outside the Flying Eye Hospital in Vietnam